Labor's targets are a white flag

Labor has given in to the coal and gas corporations and given up on climate. We need to put the Greens in the balance of power next election to secure the climate action we need. 

Our movement is powered by people, not fossil fuels, and we’ll need all hands on deck to make an impact. Can you sign-up to volunteer?

Dear ,

In the fight against the climate crisis, we can never give up. 

We can’t delay. We can’t deny. And governments can’t afford to do anything less than what the science demands of us.

That’s why I’m bitterly disappointed in Labor’s capitulation to Morrison and the coal and gas corporations on climate today. 

Labor’s 43% 2030 target isn’t a science-led climate target.

It’s throwing in the towel during the fight of our lives.

The Liberals are driving us off a climate cliff at 200 km/h while Labor’s promising to do it at 180km/h. We need to be slamming the brakes.

The science is clear: Australia’s climate target must be a 75% cut to our emissions by 2030, in line with the UK’s 68% cut. This is what the Independent Climate Targets Panel says is required, what the Climate Council are demanding, and what the Greens are advocating for. 

The Liberals have been terrible for our climate, and the next government will need to take drastic action to counteract it. Firefighters called late to a house fire have to work harder, they can’t afford to slow down.

And with both Liberal and Labor intent on opening 116 new coal and gas mines, it’s clear that neither of them have any plan on doing it on their own. 

But that’s where we come in, . Labor’s lack of ambition shows us that the only way we’ll get the action we need is by kicking Scott Morrison out and putting Greens in balance of power to push Labor to go further and faster on climate. 

We’ve done it before and we can do it again. The only time carbon pollution meaningfully reduced in Australia was a result of the Gillard-Greens carbon price, and I’m confident we can do it again. 

Greens around the world are making waves in government. Whether in NZ, Scotland, Germany, or even right here in the ACT: we can do incredible things when we work together. 

But we’ll need a strong and powerful network of volunteers to make that happen. Both Labor and the Liberals don’t want to fight this election on climate, so we’ll have to force them to. 

Can you put your hand up to volunteer to ensure our next government takes the urgent action we all deserve?


Labor may be waving the white flag to Morrison on climate, but the Greens will never give up. 

We don’t take donations from dirty fossil fuel corporations like the major parties do, and we’ll always put you and our planet first. 

Today’s news was disheartening, but it confirms how important our role is in building the climate future we all deserve. 

I look forward to doing that with you. 

Greens Leader