Labor has voted for hateful discrimination bill

Dear ,

Overnight, the Labor Party helped Scott Morrison pass his bigoted religious discrimination bill through the House of Reps, and to say we’re mad is an understatement. 

This foul bill is Scott Morrison delivering for the hard right, and Labor is helping him do it.

Labor say they’re for equality, yet in the early hours of this morning they voted with Morrison to help him pass a bill that will increase discrimination.


This is a disgusting act of cynicism from Labor, who spoke of ‘reform’ but when it came down to it, voted in favour of a bill that will provide legal protections for bigots to hate. A bill that undermines strides for equality. A bill that will threaten countless lives.

Every single MP who used LGBTQ+ people, students & teachers, women, disabled people, and people of colour as political shields this week, only to betray them, should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Despicable.

Even Liberal MP Bridget Archer had the courage to vote with the Greens and the crossbench against this hateful bill, but Labor voted with Scott Morrison.

So ruthless the Liberals are to retain power, and so disappointing is Labor, that both parties are willing to toss around the lives of our most marginalised young people.

Time and again they prove they can’t be trusted to protect neither our young people, nor our communities, nor our future. This is why we need the Greens in Parliament to hold them accountable. 

I’m sorry this happened, . But there’s still hope. 

For the bill to become law it needs to pass the Senate, and you can count on the nine Greens there to do everything we can to stop it. 

The Greens will continue to fight this attack. We won’t let anyone become collateral in a culture war when we all deserve so much better.

We’ll keep fighting, and I know you will too. 

Can you share the news and ask others to join our campaign to let Labor know that this hateful bill is not acceptable. 

In solidarity,

Adam, Janet and the entire Greens team